In Indian Context although it does not have any meaning,” Mahala” is derived as an urban , modified adaptation from the word “Mahalakshmi”. And we put in our best efforts to cater to the needs of a modern woman in terms of her style.

Mahala is conceived to be a “brand” and its not about selling a “designer’s creations”. It is a stylish, trendy affordable brand for the young woman of today who likes to dress herself in tune with the latest trends.

Brand personality and attitude

Mahala draws inspiration from the changing trend in women”s style in India today to a more fusion wear from traditionally draped garments. In short, it is a bridge between the western and the ethnic wear. The styles are trendy, stylish,elegent and smart fusion wear. It is stylish, young(in mind), trendy yet from an attitude”s perspective it is a matured brand. Hence we have tried our best to fusion our clothes into an Indian -western attire.



The collections take inspiration from the rich Indian colours and fabrics which are fused with the new age western style and cuts. It is a rich mélange of ethnic fabrics fused with a modern style which makes it a sizzling garment for the modern contemporary woman-a style that indicates beautiful cuts/styles/patterns and colours .The range renders thru a mix of myriad rich colors and hues. The styles are , trendy, modern yet with an Indian touch, using Indian ethnic fabric as the base. These fabrics are sourced from all across the country and given beautiful modern cuts and styles to arrive at a beautiful fusion garment, creating a range that is a must for every modern women who has an eye for style

The collections are a mix of Indian and western wear. .Kurties/tops/tunics/skirts/dresses/shirts/ all there for a woman to dress herself up. There is also a limited section of modern contemporary designed sarees

Affordable Pricing

Mahala caters to the urban young contemporary woman who loves to take pride in their indianness , hence the blend of Indian fabrics with western cuts. It is a young stylish affordable fashion brand for women. It comes at an affordable price for the young fashion conscious modern woman, although it also has a limited special premium range .